Can You Wear a Hat to the Dentist? A Curious Question Asked of the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

A commonly asked question is whether a hat can be worn while sitting in a dental chair. The answer is straightforward and reasonable and relates to the job of the dentist and other staff members.

A person can certainly wear a hat to the Sacramento Dentistry Group when they come to visit their personal dentist. A hat cannot be worn, however, while sitting in the dental chair. The reason has little to do with etiquette, even though wearing a hat indoors is verboten in “polite society.” Instead, it has much more to do with the process of examining teeth. There are a few exceptions to this rule, as will be discussed.

Why You Cannot Wear a Hat in the Dental Chair

Obviously, the problem does not relate to the physical ability to wear a hat while sitting in a chair. Certain hats would definitely not work at all, such as a cowboy hat or fedora. These hats have a brim all around the hat, and the backside of that brim would be crushed or dislodge the hat in the typical dental chair, due to the chair’s high back or headrest. It is certainly physically possible to wear a hat like a ball cap or a driving cap while sitting in a dental chair, but that is not allowed for a very simple reason.

Most all hats, as already mentioned, have brims. Brims stick out over the face. From certain angles, brims even block the view of the mouth and the teeth. The whole point of visiting the dentist is to give full access to the teeth and gums. This allows the dental professionals to do a thorough examination and successfully complete the planned procedures. A brim gets in the way of “the view” and may also obstruct the use of lights and instruments.

Potential Exceptions to the “No Hats” Rule

If the head must be covered for religious or medical reasons, certainly patients may do so. There may be exceptions, depending on the style of headgear. And if a patient simply has a head that is always cold, a watch cap or “beanie” could possibly be fine. For verification, always check with the dentist first by coming to the dental practice for a “pre-visit.”

The Sacramento Dentistry Group is always happy to make the patient comfortable. They can be contacted with questions or concerns about headgear, clothing and other personal matters involving dental visits by calling 916-538-6900 or by writing their dental practice online at their website,

Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group