Metal Detectors and Oral Appliances — Advice From the Sacramento Dentistry Group

Will the metal supports in a dental bridge, or the brackets and wires that make up orthodontic braces, set off metal detectors? This press release looks at whether wearing these things is safe and if they will delay your travel plans as you go through security.

The dentists at the Sacramento Dentistry Group recently received a question about whether the metal in dental bridges sets off airport security systems. Similar worries are mentioned when patients consider orthodontic treatment with braces. Do these “metals in the mouth” complicate the security process at airports?

Fly Friendly Skies

For flying to be friendly, smiles have to be involved. And healthy teeth definitely make for better smiles. So first, it is safe to go through security detectors with dental appliances that feature metal. There is no need to worry that they could lead to physical harm during security procedures.

Second, the metals in dental braces or bridges should not trigger metal detectors. Although steel is sometimes a component of these oral appliances, the amounts are usually so small that the detector ignores their presence. Titanium is widely used as a dental metal and should not trigger detectors, and orthodontic brackets are also made out of ceramics and even plastic. And if a client is using Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment, it makes the whole question of airport detectors moot, since plastic will never set them off.

If patients ever do need to wear so much metal for dental treatment that they manage to ring alarm bells, a dentist can arrange for a TSA medical device card that explains the items worn and allows for trouble-free passage through security. Given the ability to avoid issues at security checks with a little preparation, no one should ever refuse dental treatment out of concern for metal detectors.

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Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group