Same Day Crowns Now Offered by Sacramento Dentistry Group

Ceramill Motion 2

The Sacramento Dentistry Group recently purchased the Ceramill Motion 2. This countertop milling machine can form all sorts of dental appliances using digital technology. Keeping the system in-house guarantees superior delivery for our patients.

The Sacramento Dentistry Group has introduced same day crowns and restorations to their downtown practice with the purchase of a Ceramill Motion 2, by Amann Girrbach. This digitally controlled mill shapes metal and ceramic ingots into precisely fit dental appliances. The Motion 2 carves out dentures, veneers, dental implants, bridges, crowns, inlays and overlays right inside our offices, finishing within 24 hours.

A Dental Lab on a Countertop

Using the Ceramill Motion 2 requires the dentist to first create a digital impression of the teeth. The Sacramento Dentistry Group does this with the iTero digital intraoral scanner. After the images are uploaded, dental software provides the exact dimensions of the restoration needed by the patient.

One the design for the appliance is confirmed, the Motion 2 is loaded with a blank ingot of material, based on the needs of the client. Depending on the shape, size and type of restoration, the Motion 2 shapes it using a lathe or by milling the base material. The time required depends on the size of the project.

In-house milling offers many advantages. If the oral images are somehow imperfect, this is immediately noticed and corrected. Patient wait times for their permanent repairs are significantly reduced. The dentist and client are no longer hostage to the dental lab’s schedule. One dentist controls the entire production process from beginning to end, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

To experience the Ceramill Motion 2 by seeing it in action, come to the downtown office of the Sacramento Dentistry Group. The need for any type of dental restoration can be fulfilled in house with this amazing device from the internationally recognized designer and production company Amann Girrbach. Contact us by calling 916-538-6900.

Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group