The Most Comfortable Mouthguard According to the Sacramento Dentistry Group

Mouthguards are easily purchased at pharmacies and sporting goods shops. Even discount stores now sell a brand of mouthguard. Whether or not these mouthguards are effective is another matter. The most effective and comfortable type of mouthguard is customized to fit the patient.

The question of “what is the most comfortable mouthguard” is easily answered. It is not a “one-size-fits-all” mouthguard purchased from a pharmacy or sporting goods store. The most comfortable mouthguard is much like the most comfortable clothes — a tailored mouthguard designed specifically for the patient’s unique mouth and teeth.

Why Use a Customized Mouthguard

Mouthguards are essential devices that protect more than just the teeth. In the case of sports mouthguards, they also protect the soft tissues of the mouth, especially the tongue. Many tongues are lacerated or completely severed by the teeth during sporting collisions. A sports mouthguard protects against this serious scenario, as well as broken, dislodged and chipped teeth.

For sleeping, most people use mouthguards due to bruxism, commonly called teeth grinding. For a variety of reasons, some patients grind and gnash their teeth while they sleep. Others unconsciously clench or grind their teeth during the day! A customized mouthguard does an excellent job of protecting the tooth enamel. This prevents early wear, and chipped or cracked teeth.

Benefits of Customized Mouthguards

The “boil and bite” mouthguard, and other “one-size-fits-all” solutions are not particularly effective or comfortable for sports and sleeping. They slip, are easily dislodged, and thus become ineffective and bothersome. The better an oral device fits, the more likely patients are to use it.

Customized mouthguards, provided by dentists like those at the Sacramento Dentistry Group, fit snugly around the teeth. They are not loose, and it is difficult to accidentally dislodge them. Removing them intentionally, however, is as simple as just pulling them off. This makes it easier to sleep with a customized mouthguard and also means that the speech is not seriously affected.

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Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group