The Sacramento Dentistry Group Examines Loose Teeth and Invisalign

Patients occasionally note that their teeth feel loose while they undergo an orthodontic procedure with Invisalign. Is this normal? Is it simply part of the orthodontic process? Why don't their friends with braces feel the same way? This article answers these questions.

An occasional question of Invisalign patients at the Sacramento Dentistry Group is why some of their teeth might feel loose while having orthodontic treatment. First off, not everyone using Invisalign has this sensation. But understanding how an orthodontic procedure affects your jawbone is important to explaining this potential side effect.

Moving Teeth Alters Bone

Orthodontic treatment, whether with braces or with clear aligners like Invisalign, moves teeth from malocclusion (improper positions) to proper occlusion (upper and lower teeth all touching correctly). The challenge is that teeth are firmly set in the jawbone thanks to their roots. These roots and the lower part of the tooth rest in the otherwise empty socket. The position of a tooth can be changed, however, by firm pressure in a certain direction. This pressure encourages the breakdown of bone in the same direction as the force. Consequently, the tooth moves into this new space and over time the jawbone fills in the gap that is left behind. If the replacement process does not provide enough solidity as the tooth moves along the jaw, then it may begin to feel loose. Nevertheless, this does not lead to the tooth falling out, as the bone is eventually completely replaced, restoring the firm setting of the tooth.

The Difference Between Invisalign and Braces

Braces use brackets and wires to create the forces that move the teeth. As a result, the teeth are always attached to this strong and rather immobile network of tensioners. It is far more difficult to feel loose teeth when wearing braces, but they do get loose.

Invisalign has the marked advantage of efficiently moving the teeth while still being removable. The consequence, however, is that a few people can feel the teeth going through the orthodontic process whenever they remove the aligner. So they think their teeth are getting loose. And in fact they are, but all as part of the procedure. In the end, the teeth are once again firmly in place, but with a proper bite and a better smile.

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Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group