The Sacramento Dentistry Group Replies About Cherries and Dentures

Patients with dentures worry about various types of delicious foods, including cherries, staining their false teeth. Unfortunately, this fear has a solid basis in fact! Nevertheless, patients can still enjoy healthy foods and white dentures. This article explains what causes such staining from cherries and how to handle it.

A patient recently asked if cherries would stain dentures. The sad fact is that cherries, berries, wine, tomato sauces and other dark vegetables and fruits all have the potential to darken dentures, teeth, veneers, bridges and crowns. Why do these delicious foods create stains and what can people do about it?

Why Fruits and Vegetables Create Stains

Certain fruits and vegetables contain two common and healthy pigments: flavonoids and anthocyanins. These are known antioxidants, helping to protect and repair body tissues. So people should eat and drink foods containing these molecules. But they’re also pigments - so they create stains and darken white surfaces, like tooth enamel and dental materials.

In the case of dentures, no matter how smooth a surface may seem, at the microscopic level there are tiny cracks, fissures, pits and holes where pigments get trapped, altering the way light reflects from the surface and making bright whites dull. When these pigments are consumed, even after brushing the teeth or rinsing the dentures, some flavonoids or anthocyanins are left behind.

Keeping Dentures White

Abrasives should not be used to clean dentures. Keep in mind that most toothpastes contain abrasives and should therefore not be used on dentures! If you want to use a dental cleaning substance, use a cleanser designed for dentures. Pay close attention to the instructions, as some cleansers are not designed for daily use. Dentures can also safely be washed with ordinary liquid hand soap, as long as they are rinsed well afterwards.

If dentures still seem dull, despite regular cleaning, they can be cleaned professionally with an ultrasonic cleanser in the office of the Sacramento Dentistry Group. Most patients have this done whenever they visit the dentist for a semi-annual checkup. Home models of these machines are also available which is of great benefit to those who like cherries with their pie, ice cream and cocktails!

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Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group