The Sacramento Dentistry Group Replies: What Are Dental Cysts?

A cyst is simply a sac of tissue that is filled with fluid or some other soft material. They are not cancerous, but that does not mean that they are not dangerous. When a cyst forms in the jaw, the potential for damage is great. Dental cysts are one more reason why people should regularly visit their dentist, at least once every six months. And it also explains why the Sacramento Dentistry Group recommends having dental x-rays at least once a year.

How Do Dental Cysts Form?

Dental cysts typically do not form if all of the teeth are healthy. When a tooth dies or fails to erupt properly, a cyst may form at its base. As the cyst grows, it replaces bony tissue in the jaw. Since a cyst is just flimsy tissue, this has catastrophic results if it goes unnoticed. Often times, cysts cause little pain and in the worst case, huge portions of the jaw are weakened by the growing cyst, leading to a broken jaw, extensive reconstructive surgery and significant tooth loss.

Preventing Dental Cysts

The first step for preventing the growth of dental cysts is to keep the teeth healthy with regular oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings. Second, annual dental X-rays reveal any cysts developing unseen. Third, never try to save money by leaving unerupted teeth, such as impacted wisdom teeth, inside the jawbone. Fourth, when a tooth gets infected, have it fixed immediately. A root canal procedure usually prevents the type of irritation that leads to dental cysts.

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Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group