What is Wrong With Travel Dentistry?

Cautionary Advice from the Sacramento Dentistry Group

The Sacramento Dentistry Group never discourages people from accessing quality dental care, no matter where it is performed. Teeth are important, gums are important, dental health is important, and people need to care for these important aspects of wellness.

Unfortunately, some Sacramentans, especially from immigrant communities, have trust issues with local dentists. They save up money and then travel to a country where dentistry is cheaper or more familiar and do large amounts of dental work in a big marathon session while enjoying a “vacation” of sorts, or a visit with family and old friends.

While there are obvious benefits to travel, avoiding a local dentist for a long period of time while saving to visit one far away is a recipe for dental disaster. There are hidden costs and consequences that must be weighed before making such a decision.

  • Think globally – Dental locally. Saving up to travel to another country for dental work takes time, but teeth and gum problems don’t take a break. Problems with tooth decay, gum inflammation, and infections never improve with time. They worsen and turn from little problems to bigger and more expensive problems. Ignoring a toothache can unfortunately even lead to death from infection.
  • Post-Procedural Care — Seeing a dentist isn’t like getting a haircut. With any procedure, there is a possibility that problems that may arise during recovery. Even with the best dentists, dental work requires more than one visit - or needs follow-up. If problems come up weeks later, a local dentist can make adjustments. That’s not the case with a “tourism dentist.”
  • Is It Really Cheaper? Plane tickets, travel expenses, and lost work must be added into the hoped-for savings of travel dentistry. Plus, if complications require repair by a local dentist, the patient ends up spending even more.

Instead of relying on a traveling dentist, it is better for patients to find a local dentist they trust. The staff at the Sacramento Dentistry Group, like many other practices, speaks multiple languages and comes from many cultures. Therefore, it is better to get dental work taken care of promptly and regularly. A routine of cleanings and checkups prevents major problems from ever arising. Teeth are not souvenirs — they are a vital part of bodily health and well-being. Appointments are available with the local and easy-to-access dental professionals at the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

Source: Sacramento Dentistry Group